Reunions and Parties

Rejoice. Relive. Rekindle.

Have a ball, have a blast, have a birthday...

Whether you're reconnecting with family scattered across the country or celebrating with high school, college, fraternal, or work friends you haven’t seen in years, a reunion is a joyous occasion that nurtures traditions...

What's your pleasure? Indoors or outdoors? Catawba Farms offers both. We specialize in everything from children’s birthday parties to corporate Christmas parties and family reunions.

Our indoor offering focuses on our large (approximately 40' x 80') assembly area next to our Bed & Breakfast unit. It’s a large open room with a Mexican tile floor, a large central fireplace and a mezzanine over looking the room. Attached are new restroom facilities along with a bar area and set-up room for any catered supplies.

Our outdoor facilities (besides including several open fields for activities) feature a covered eating area, outer eating areas, a large mountain stone grill, a serving kitchen, several covered shelters, and a petting zoo. Games are available for the youngsters.

Covered Eating Area

Gather your group together and make it an event they'll be talking about for years to come.

Local Resident

Every corner holds a new revelation. With lots of things to do for everyone.