Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The surface is “eco-ice,” an engineered polymer, manufactured by Glice, a Swiss company.
  2. The eco-ice surface is environmentally friendly! Water and electricity are not required for operation. The materials used in the rink are 100% recyclable, making it the greenest ice skating option available.
  3. The eco-ice is like real ice but the skater does not get wet when they fall.
  4. The fall is also less severe than ice due to the properties of the eco-ice.
  1. The rink measures approximately 3,200 square feet: 83.8 feet long X 38 feet wide.
  2. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, The Rink can accommodate 30 skaters at a time due. Post-pandemic, more skaters will be allowed on the surface at the same time.

Skates are included in your fee; you can bring your own ice skates, provided they are hockey skates and not figure skates. There is no reduction in price if you bring your own skates.

Bathrooms are located in the building that houses the Sunflower Market at Catawba Farms, the reddish-purple building near The Rink.

Yes, party packages can be booked online here. Our event staff will follow up with you to complete the details.

  1. Masks are required for all skaters and employees
  2. Skaters are instructed to avoid contact with other skaters
  3. Restrooms and all door handles are sanitized on a regular basis
  4. Access to The Rink is limited to 30 skaters at any one time
  5. Social distance markers are in place for areas that may require a queue (line to wait)
  6. Concessions are fulfilled with employees that are required to wear food service gloves
  7. The Rink is cleared and cleaned periodically over the course of the day.

Outside food, wine or beer are not permitted. We invite you to order from Trey, our food truck or go to the Sunflower Market to grab a snack or beverage.

  1. Tickets are sold for one hour blocks of time for an Open Skate session
  2. Wristband tickets are good only for the day of sale: they are color-coded by hour of the day and marked by date.
  3. Maintenance breaks occur throughout the course of the day between sessions.
  1. At present you can store your things under the bench where you put your skates on.
  2. We suggest you only bring essentials with you and leave valuables in your vehicle or with someone who is not skating.
  3. Catawba Farms is not responsible for lost, stolen or left items.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian 18 years or older by ticket on the ice or as a spectator.

The rink is operational in the event of rain, however, if lightning is detected nearby operation will be suspended until 45 minutes after the inclement weather clears.

The cost of The Rink was $150,000. This excludes installation, construction, materials & labor.

Yes, we do have an online reservation system that you can use online. Click or tap here.

  1. Have fun, be mindful and be safe!
  2. Please follow the instructions of The Rink staff.
  3. Only enter The Rink with skates.
  4. Don’t walk outside The Rink with your skates on except on the rubber paths.
  5. Keep a safe distance from other skaters.
  6. No reckless skating, horseplay or fast skating
  7. Do not sit on, lean over or leave items on the sides of the rink.
  8. No food, drink or gum while skating.